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DVR Forensics


Forensic Video Analysis is the science of analyzing and comparing videos for legal matters. Digital Video Recorder (DVR) being one of the widely used surveillance systems for image and video frame recording is a reliable source for preliminary investigation. DVR analysis involves imaging DVR hard disk, retrieving audio, video, and metadata for examination.

Common recording systems consist of IP or server based phone systems, CCTV DVR or NVR (network video recording) surveillance video systems, MDVR (mobile digital video recorder) video recorders, police dash camera systems, and many more. Once recovered, the analogue or digital video evidence can be used to forensically enhance. Our recovered CCTV video recordings will pass forensic authentication testing. DVR hard disk data recovery requires an attention to detail. The investigation is carefully documented so that the digital evidence is preserved for further investigation.We have recovered video footage for personal injury, property destruction, and wrongful death cases.